HP / Agilent 66000A-series Modular Power System

  • High density 1200W mainframe in 7 inches of rack space
  • 8-slot power supply system
  • Stable, low ripple and noise power source
  • High-accuracy readback of voltage and current
  • Advanced programmable voltage and current control
  • Sequenced up to 20 voltage and current settings per output
  • Optional isolation and polarity reversal relays

The HP 66000 Modular Power System is ideal for automated testing environments for supplying bias power and stimulus to to subassemblies and final products.  Key Features:

  • GPIB Programmable voltage and current
  • Series and parallel operation
  • Programmable voltage and current protection
  • Self-test initiated at power up or from GPIB command
  • Electronic calibration over GPIB or from optional keyboard
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Discrete fault indicator / remote inhibit (DFI/RI)
  • Five non-volatile store-recall setups per output
  • User-definable power-on state

66000A Mainframe w/installation manual:  $ 700

66001A  Sold Out

66101A Power Module, 0-8V, 0-16A    $ 1000

66102A Power Module, 0-20V, 0-7.5A    $ 700

66103A Power Module, 0-35V, 0-4.5A    $ 795

66104A Power Module, 0-60V, 0-2.5A    $ 850

66105A DC power Module, 0-120V, 0-1.25A $ 850 


All 6610xA series power modules are supplied with manual and standard output connector.  Also available: Option 760 output connector with Open/Close and Polarity Reversal relays, add $ 70 to substitute standard output connector with option 760 relay connector.

Shown: typical in stock units in VG condition.