8112A Programmable Pulse Generator

  • Full Pulse Capability
  • Modulation
  • Ramps and haversines
  • Width/duty cycle
  • Device protection
  • Error recognition and self-test

The HP 8112A is a fully programmable 50 MHz pulse generator with 5 ns transitions and 32 Vpp into open circuit) max output amplitude.  All pulse parameters are variable including delay and double pulse spacing. 

Besides the comprehensive trigger modes, external modulation capabilities extend applicability.  3-level signals and upper level, width, period and delay-modulated signals are available.  These can be combined with the trigger modes so that complex real-life signals like modulated bursts are simulated easily.

Step response and trigger hysteresis measurements require fast transitions or sawtooth signals as obtained in the HP 8112A's linear transition mode - either fixed 5 ns or variable from 6.5 ns.  The new cosine transitions, also variable from 6.5 ns, mean that band-filtered signals are now just as simple to obtain.

Sensitive devices are protected by programming output limits and the upper limit can be controlled by the device supply.  Also, constant energy or constant width can be programmed. 

Dual-channel operation is feasible by operating HP 8112As in a master/slave configuration.

8112A, VG cosmetic. Operator and Service manual included.  $ 895